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 Information about the Teraa Matar Organization

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Ava Starfire


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PostSubject: Information about the Teraa Matar Organization   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:40 pm

Welcome to the public page for the Teraa Matar Corporation.


We are a Minmatar Militia organization, and we are loyal to the Minmatar Tribes and, by consequence, the Republic.
We are a combat-oriented organization, with a NRDS engagement policy.
We are a group of people, from Minmatar Tribalists to Caldari and Gallentean expats, fighting for a common goal, the freedom of all held in bondage within the Empire, and the return to greatness of the Tribes.
(( We are an RP Corp ))

We are NOT a 0.0 corp, and we have no 0.0 aspirations. This does not mean we will never head off to Great Wildlands or Providence on roams.
We are NOT an Industrial organization. Members are encouraged to take part in industrial activities, and, if they wish, they can work deals with the Corporation for purchases, sales, and/or discounts. We do not own a POS, we likely never will.
We are NOT here to hold anyone's hand. People are expected to be self-sufficient and capable of learning basic, easily available information on their own. We will gladly help new players, within reason. I will not hold your hand.

We have no corp assets, BPOS, Caps, etc, so, corp thieves, fuck off.

You must have held a valid pilot's license for 21 days.
You must be willing to submit to a Limited API check.
You must NOT be an alt of anyone involved in Imperial Faction Warfare, or part of any pro-Imperial organization, such as CVA.
You must submit to an interview (( IC )) and a waiting period of 3-5 days, while we determine if you are a good fit, and get to know you.
You must be aware that, any member of Teraa Matar may, at any time during the application process, veto your membership for any reason. This isnt personal, folks. Its just how it is.

Combat training and extensive time in the field.
+10 status with Electus Matari and other well known NRDS organizations allows access to large numbers of fleets
Reimbursement program for ships lost INTELLIGENTLY in service to the Tribes.
A fun, close knit, mature group of players, many of whom are long-term, and very active.

(( OOC STUFF. ))
We are primarily a US/Euro TZ corp. We have a multitude of members of various ethnic, sexual, and religious orientations. If you are a douchebag, we will kill you, pod you, and steal all of your shit. You have been warned. We are mature, and try to remain IC at all times in public, and in designated corp channels. Please refrain from terrible smack, posting AASCI images of phallic objects, etc... in other words, act like an adult. If you want to act like a retard, I can recommend any number of fun FPS games.

For further information, please contact Ava Starfire, Kikia Truzhari, or Kalaratiri


Visit our public channel, "Teraa Matar"

Thank you

Ava Starfire, CEO of Teraa Matar
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Information about the Teraa Matar Organization
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